Our 4 Principles



We think it's right to have principles. In fact, we have 4 of them:

Fresh, fresh, fresh ingredients

We insist on fresh ingredients packed full of vitamins, flavonoids, anthocyans and antioxidants needed for exceptionally healthy looking skin.

No obscure chemicals or additives

It is completely unnecessary to use obscure chemicals, additives or preservatives common to so much of the cosmetics today. We don' do it. Never have and never will.

No to Air Miles

Air freighting pre-processed plant extracts from overseas is completely over the top. We don't do it. We are committed to supporting farmers and growers in rural communities in Wales and the UK.

Right Science

We work with Universities to research and discover newcutting-edge formulations to create only the best possible products; which are carefully balanced to be suitable for all skin types.